How A Pirate Tattoo Shop Came To Be In Lake Arrowhead California.

How A Pirate Tattoo Shop Came To Be In Lake Arrowhead California.

Once upon a time in the mystical waters of the Caribbean, there sailed a notorious pirate ship known as the Flying Dutchman. This ghostly vessel was captained by the infamous Captain Davey, a man feared by sailors far and wide for his ruthless tactics and supernatural abilities. (However not feared for his gentle tattooing style, where he was affectionately referred to Butterfly Kisses Davey.)

Legend had it that Captain Davey and his crew (Chips and Talderoy) had been cursed centuries ago, doomed to sail the seas for eternity. The ship was said to be haunted, its appearance foretelling doom to any ship that crossed its path. The crew of the Flying Dutchman was composed of restless souls, condemned to an eternal existence on the high seas.

One fateful night, as the moon cast an eerie glow upon the water, Captain Davey's ship encountered a mysterious whirlpool that seemed to defy the laws of nature. The swirling vortex pulled the Flying Dutchman into its depths, transporting the ghostly vessel to a realm beyond the known seas.

To the crew's surprise, the ship emerged from the vortex not on the open sea, but high in the mountains surrounding Lake Arrowhead. The once ghostly waters beneath them were now serene and reflective, surrounded by towering pine trees. The Flying Dutchman, unable to return to the open sea, found itself stranded in this landlocked lake.

Captain Davey, ever the resourceful pirate, saw an opportunity in this unexpected turn of events. Determined to make the best of their new situation, he ordered his crew to transform the ship into something that would allow them to thrive in their mountainous surroundings.

The crew of the Flying Dutchman worked day and night, repurposing the ship into a unique establishment – a tattoo parlor named "Ye Ole Tattoo Shoppe." The ghostly ambiance of the ship lent itself perfectly to the mysterious and artistic atmosphere that a tattoo parlor required. Captain Davey, with his skeletal features and tattered attire, became the resident artist, known for his skill in creating intricate and haunting tattoos.

Over the years, Lake Arrowhead Tattoo & Body Piercing became a renowned destination for those seeking otherworldly ink and piercings. The once-doomed crew of the Flying Dutchman found solace in their new role, using their supernatural aura to attract customers from near and far.

And so, the Flying Dutchman, once a harbinger of doom on the open seas, transformed into a unique and thriving tattoo parlor in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead, creating a legend that would be whispered about for generations to come.

Thanks for playing along- WE are the VIP getaway resort tattoo and body piercing Shoppe born of the Famous Studio City Tattoo in Hollywood. We opened in 2020 Feburary 14th Valentines Day.