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Aftercare Of Your New Tattoo

You were tattooed in a clean, modern tattoo studio with 100% disposable, sterilized tubes, needles, and pigments. If you follow these simple directions you will have a quick-healing and attractive tattoo. Remember the quality outcome of your tattoo is dependent on the care it receives in the first few days. We highly recommend Redemption After Care, with 27 years of experience this is what we chose to recommend along with Provon medicated soap. You can not go wrong with these two products.

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We highly recommend using Redemption Tattoo Lubricant & Aftercare

We highly recommend using Provon Antimicrobial lotion soap to clean your fresh tattoo before applying Redemption Aftercare!.

What to do?

Remove bandage after a minimum of 2 hours. If the dressing sticks, wet area with COOL water to loosen it and remove the dressing carefully. Once your tattoo is exposed, wash it gently but thoroughly with mild soap and COOL water. Be sure to remove any surface blood and rinse off any remaining soap.

Lightly pat dry and then, with clean hands, apply a small amount of lotion. Use a good quality, light lotion without added fragrance or color, and massage it in. Try one of these: Lubriderml or  Redemption. We recommend you wait a day before starting lotion. Remember Use a small amount to allow the skin to breathe.

Depending on the nature or location of your work, it may be necessary to wear clothing heavy enough to protect your tattoo, particularly if you work around grease, oil, metal dust, etc. Your tattoo will develop a layer of dry skin. (It will be the same color as the tattoo.) Apply a thin layer of lotion as needed (3-5 times a day, or whenever the skin feels tight or itchy), until the layers flake off naturally. After the tattoo has healed and the dry skin has flaked off, there will be a period of adjustment for the new skin. It is advisable to continue applying the same non-fragrance hand lotion. You may notice redness, swelling, and tenderness and this is to be expected but should not last longer than a few days.

What NOT to do?

DON’T re-bandage your tattoo, rub, scratch, or pick at your new tattoo.
DON’T apply alcohol, Neosporin, Vaseline, or petroleum jelly (they can trap dirt and germs and cause infection).
DON’T apply a heavy coat of lotion (remember the skin must breathe in order to heal).
DON’T expose your tattoo to direct sunlight, swim, sauna, steam, or tub for 2 weeks. The sun, saltwater, and chlorine all act as a bleaching agent; any one of them can ruin your tattoo. The healing process usually takes about 2 weeks, however, this time may vary from person to person.
Do NOT listen to friends or “tattoo experts”. If you have questions, call or visit the Studio, we tattooed you and have your best interest at heart!
If you notice fever, drainage that smells or contains pus from the procedure site, or streaks running toward your heart from your tattoo, go to the emergency room immediately

Our guarantee.

We guarantee all of our tattoos under the condition that you follow these instructions exactly. Most tattoos do not need any sort of touch up work but occasionally might after healing. If you find any light spots after your tattoo has fully healed, please contact your artist and he will be happy to schedule you an appointment for a touch up free of charge.

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