Captain Dave is our main artist on the mountain and we will be rotating guest artists and our crew from Studio City Tattoo to come up for your tattooing needs. 

Jose Menendez

Here at Lake Arrowhead Tattoo our tattoo artists and piercers are skilled craftsmen. We take pride in translating whatever you have in your imagination into a tattoo or piercing that reflects your personality and sense of style. Our responsibility is to provide our customers with the very best tattooing and piercing experience possible. All crew are CAL O.S.H.A Bloodborne Pathogens certified and licensed by the San Bernardino County Health Dept.

People come into Lake Arrowhead Tattoo happy, and leave even happier. Seeing our customers walk away happy with their new tattoos is one of the perks of working at Lake Arrowhead Tattoo. We invite you to browse throughout the artist’s portfolios and bios. We rotate tattoo artist up to the mountain throughout the months. All artists can also be booked weekly at Studio City Tattoo

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