What is the cost of a tattoo ?

Curious about tattoo prices at Lake Arrowhead Tattoo ? We’ve got the scoop for you!

Small Tattoos (e.g., hearts, crosses): $100 & up
Medium-Sized Tattoos (like traditionals): $200 to $450
Large Size Tattoos: We have a day rate of $900 for 6 hours

Considering the skill and demand of our talented tattoo artists, our hourly rate is $180. But guess what? We’re not just about fair prices; we’re about making your tattoo dreams come true!

Our Exclusive Offer: Planning a larger project like a back piece or sleeve tattoo? We’ve got a 6 hour day rate of $900

Getting started with your new tattoo  ? It’s easy peasy!

1️⃣ Call us: For simple tattoos, we’ll set up your appointment. Give us a call at the shop
2️⃣ Complicated Designs: Got a complex idea? Email us your artwork and thoughts for a personalized design! For ideas , visit our TATTOO ARTIST GALLERIES

Our Deposit Requirements:

Simple tattoos: $100 deposit
Large tattoo projects: $300 deposit
Why the deposit? It secures your spot amidst our busy schedule and goes towards your final tattoo cost.

Ready to turn your ideas into ink? Call us, let’s chat, and get that tattoo journey started!