What are the 12 most popular classic tattoo styles

Looking for a tattoo style to match your design ideas and budget ? There are thousands of tattoo styles created everyday by talented tattoo artists around the globe. A lot of these designs are adopted from historically popular tattoo styles—many of them decades or even centuries old. Here are twelve of the classic styles of tattoo art, the ones you definitely want to know before searching Instagram for talented tattoo artists that will ink your tattoo ideas.

12 Classic Styles of Tattoo Art

1. Classic Americana tattoo
2. New school tattoo style
3. Japanese tattoo style
4. Black and grey tattoo style
5. Portraiture tattoo
6. Stick and poke tattoo
7. Realism tattoo
8. Blackwork tattoo style
9. Biomechanical tattoo
10. Geometric tattoo style
11. Realistic Trash Polka tattoo
12. Surrealism tattoo style